We are a non profit company who aim to raise funds to help UK pet parents cover the cost of their pets health care when they genuinely can't afford it. This includes vet bills, preventative care and aftercare costs.


I know what it's like when pet insurance doesn't cover a pets condition, or when you are faced with ongoing care costs.


In December 2018 Bella came to live with us after being abandoned in a pet store. She was 8 months old and had hip dysplasia in both hips and elbow dysplasia in both elbows, she also had bone chips in her elbows, all of which were causing her a lot of pain. 

These were classed as pre existing conditions so weren't covered by insurance.


With the help of some amazing supporters we managed to raise enough money to have the bone chips removed and now manage the dysplasia with regular hydrotherapy and physiotherapy sessions. 

She is living an amazing life now and we will always be thankful for the support we received. 


During this time we heard from a lot of people who were in a similar position to us and were left struggling to cover the vet bills for their beloved pets. Some were even faced with having to have their pet put to sleep because the costs were just too high.  


We now want to be able to help and support others when their pet needs it and they have nowhere else to turn, but we can't do that without raising funds. So please support our fundraiser, share our cause and help us to make a difference to the lives of pets and their parents across the UK. 

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