About us

So to learn about why we are here and why we do this, I'll take you back to August 2018, when we adopted our Greyhound Biscuit, from birth they are taught quickly you either eat fast or don't eat at all! a litter of eight puppies feeding from one bowl. Their human interaction minimal from the start, given they are bred for racing! We got him home and he would wolf down his 500g of kibble within a very short time, never good for a breed that is prone to eating related ailments (Gord, Laryngeal paralisys), so I researched methods of helping to slow down this greedy guzzler, and came across snuffle mats!


The price of some of them were mad, going from £20-25 at a minimum, so I looked at how I could make my own one, making sure I found the most robust base and material I could find, I set out to make it myself, including cutting the fabric itself it took me roughly eight hours to finish it and put it to the test - result was his time reduced a fair amount! A friend paid a visit to us and the mat caught her eye, so I made another one and it snowballed from there - enter Monkeys Snuffle Mats! The name is a tribute to our late family dog Monkey who passed away suddenly on new years day 2019.

After so long, I thought about what else could I do to help him? So I discovered snuffle balls - a more physical and mental activity for him, and again combining with the mat his feeding time slowed down to about 25 minutes at minimum! Success!! After the response on the mats I thought I would try putting these on the market and what a decision that was - the response was outstanding!

Applications for the products

While traditionally these are used for conventional pet enrichment, we have had some requests from some more unconventional pets! Horses, ferrets, rats - these products are very broad in their use! We have also had a friend use their mat for a care home for residents with Alzheimers and dementia, the colour and the feel acting as a sensory product, the balls have been used for blind pets as well - a simple addition of a bell inside enables them to hear where they are going for their treats!


Charity work 

Having adopted our boy from the Romford Greyhound Owners Association (RGOA) in Pilgrims Hatch, and seeing the amazing work that they do, we decided that we would do what we can to help and support their work! Any events that we go to that aren't in aid of other charities we can be found with our trusty charity bucket in tow for anybody who has a few spare pounds to help a cause! Their facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/pg/rgoa.romford/about/?ref=page_internal please visit their page to find out more!

On top of this, we have started to work with Becky Shuttleworth, a rescuer who is dealing with a particularly touching case https://www.facebook.com/bellathewonderdogue/ again please visit their facebook page to read about this story and, if you are able to, help out!

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